Avril Lavigne (3 stars)

Avril Lavigne

Carling Academy, Glasgow, Mon 26 May


It took a while for her to finally make her entrance (the audience was kept waiting outside for an hour) but the eventual return of Canada’s most clean living rock’n’roller to a Glasgow stage was well worth the wait.

She’s come a long way since ‘Complicated’ but has managed to remain sane, grounded and together. Even the addition of a rock star hubby – Derrick Whibley of Sum 41 – hasn’t led to any Pamela and Tommy style scandal.

Despite the insanely perky nature of her skate-punk-pop, Lavigne wasn’t very forthcoming with the chat from the stage, preferring instead to plough through the highlights from her three albums, all of which might be fairly interchangeable but no less appealing for it.

A little interaction with the predominantly female, teenage crowd wouldn’t have gone amiss, particularly after the ecstatic reaction she received. She’s made a connection with this audience already and going the extra yard would have made all the difference.

Avril Lavigne

Over-14s show. The skater boy pin-up returns with more finely-honed teen angst and pseudo-rebellion, when really she's cleaner than Britney.

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