Lucy Fallon teases Coronation Street's Nathan Curtis will get 'comeuppance'

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  • 5 June 2017
Lucy Fallon on 'This Morning'

Lucy Fallon on 'This Morning' (c) Twitter

Lucy Fallon has urged 'Coronation Street' viewers to continue watching the show regardless of the disturbing scenes because the evil ring leader Nathan Curtis will get his "comeuppance."

Lucy Fallon has urged 'Coronation Street' viewers to stay tuned to see Nathan Curtis get their "comeuppance".

The 21-year-old actress plays the role of vulnerable Bethany Platt who is being groomed by her on-screen boyfriend (Chris Harper), and although previous episodes have left viewers squirming in their seats watching the helpless youngster fall victim to Nathan's manipulations, which saw her drugged and then locked in a room with three men for sex, the blonde-haired beauty has urged the programme's audience to keep watching as upcoming scenes will see her deceitful partner punished.

Speaking about the longstanding soap's gripping plot line on 'This Morning' on Monday (05.06.17), she said: "I think obviously is quite a shocking turn in the story.

"It's important for people to keep watching the story because they will get their comeuppance eventually."

Despite being warned about her devious lover by her on-screen friends and family, the British star has revealed her 16-year-old character will eventually realise the "real extent" of how conniving her beau is on her own.

She explained: "I think it's going to take a really time for her to realise what's happened to her.

"I think all of her family are going to tell her, and people are going to tell her but she is not going to know the real extent of what's happened to her on her own."

And although there have been complaints about the nature of the episodes, the show's production team have defended the plot and have confirmed they have "meticulously researched" the story to ensure it complies with specific regulations.

Speaking previously, a spokesperson for the soap said: "'Coronation Street' viewers will be aware that evil Nathan has been grooming vulnerable Bethany for many months.

"It's an extremely complex and thought-provoking story which has been meticulously researched and hasn't been undertaken lightly by the programme's production team.

"In accordance with strict compliance regulations, what happens to Bethany was intentionally implicit and viewers were warned prior to transmission.

"Viewers affected by what happens were also directed to seek advice from the NSPCC who are supportive of this storyline and have advised the programme about the depiction of Bethany's story."

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