Patty Jenkins' heart sank when Gal Gadot was cast in Wonder Woman

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  • 4 June 2017
Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins admitted her "heart sank" when Gal Gadot was first cast as Wonder Woman but now thinks the studio made the best decision in casting the 32-year-old actress

Patty Jenkins says her "heart sank" when Gal Gadot was first cast as Wonder Woman.

The 45-year-old filmmaker admits she was gutted when she found out the part had already been cast without her consultation but was thrilled when she saw Gal in action.

She told Playboy magazine: "I remember when I read in the news that Wonder Woman had been cast and my heart sank. I had been talking to the studio for so long about doing it and I was like well 'that's that'. I'm sure we wouldn't have made the same choice.

"Frankly, I think they did a better job than I could have because I don't know that I would have scoured the earth as hard to find her. I don't know that I would've looked internationally. I would have just looked for an American girl."

And Patty previously admitted she is "amazed" by how little changed from the first cut of 'Wonder Woman' to the finished movie.

She added: "You know, it's not like a long journey didn't happen but what amazes me is how little has actually changed from the first cut other than tightening ... little changes to the final battle, that was really it.

"I think that what I ended up finding about the final battle was I was hitting emotional points for Diana that I really wanted to hit but I felt a craving for some other kinds of emotional gratification and engagement that we tried to accentuate even more.

"I think what you learn is rhythm, tone, humor where the jokes are happening but in our case, I just now can finally say all this. We didn't cut one scene in this movie nor did we change the order of one scene in this movie from the script that we went in shooting with."

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