Rita Ora's mother loves the Fifty Shades movies

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  • 4 June 2017
Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Chart-topping singer Rita Ora has revealed that her mother loves the 'Fifty Shades' movie franchise

Rita Ora's mother loves the 'Fifty Shades' movie franchise.

The 26-year-old star appears in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and 'Fifty Shades Darker', both of which are based on the erotic novels of author E.L. James - and Rita has revealed that her mother Vera is a big fan of the steamy films.

The blonde beauty, who plays the part of Christian Grey's sister, Mia, in the in the money-spinning franchise, shared: "She loves it. She went to go see them with my dad and my little brother. Mum loves those films. She's already asking, 'When's the next one?'"

Vera is a trained psychiatrist who hails from Albania, but when she made the switch to the UK as a refugee in the early 90s, her qualifications didn't transcend the border.

As a result, she had to start her life from "scratch", according to Rita, who has admitted to being inspired by her mother's resilience in the face of so much adversity.

Rita told #legend: "She had to start from scratch. And she was beating breast cancer while she was studying. She'd go through chemo and still study. It was 10 years ago.

"She's just in the best place ever and has gone through some s**t. She's my favourite person. I can talk about her all day. I see her as often as I can and, trust me, she stays in touch."

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