My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

Barrowlands, Glasgow, Wed 2 & Thu 3 Jul


There are some musical reunions the whole world wants to happen, and others that start out and then fall away without the populace paying the slightest bit of attention. Then there are comebacks like the one My Bloody Valentine will be embarking on later this month, where you’ve got to really care in order to care. MBV are an internationally admired and beloved group, but they retain the same cult status they fostered almost two decades ago with the classic Isn’t Anything and the entirely seminal Loveless.

One thing has changed, though. Where once MBV were the preserve of shabby young men who shuffled a dope-fogged way through their shows (hence the ‘shoegazing’ genre), there’ll be a lot more artistic young women at these gigs, who fancy themselves as photographers and misunderstood global adventurers. Sofia Coppola saw to that when she hired MBV’s creative fulcrum Kevin Shields to soundtrack Lost in Translation.

Perhaps the reaction to the film’s triumphantly hazy soundtrack inspired Shields to reconvene Bilinda Butcher, Debbie Googe and Colm O’Ciosoig for tour and festival dates on both sides of the Atlantic this summer? But no one can really say as Shields isn’t doing interviews. After Loveless’ production allegedly almost bankrupted Creation Records and saw the group dropped by the label, Shields did spend the best part of the next decade writing and ditching new material in an effort to deliver a workable third album to the band’s new label, Island. After a couple of years spent moonlighting with Primal Scream earlier this decade, the mere fact that Shields and My Bloody Valentine have undertaken this reunion is probably the closest we’ll get to a renewed statement of intent.

My Bloody Valentine

Indie fans of a certain age will be trembling with excitement at the prospect of the return of inspired noiseniks My Bloody Valentine, who released a couple of highly influential heady guitar rock albums at the turn of the 90s and have finally promised to follow these up with new work.

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