Homegrown - Glasgow International Jazz Festival

Paul Towndrow

Various venues, Glasgow, Fri 27–Sun 29 Jun


The annual Homegrown showcase at the Glasgow Jazz Festival has expanded considerably since the inaugural event in 2005, which featured a single concert with four bands at the Ramshorn Theatre. This year the event stretches to 12 gigs over three days, with a couple of high-profile support slots thrown in for good measure.

The festival has always found space for native talent, but Homegrown was devised as a more structured platform for emerging musicians to impress both the public and – more crucially – an invited group of promoters and agents. Singer Cathie Rae has administered the event from the outset, and explains the thinking behind the expansion.

‘We decided that the audition-style concerts with everyone having their 20-minute slot wasn’t the best way to present the artists, or the best way for the delegates to hear them. We have had some additional funding from the Scottish Arts Council this time, and taken the Showcase Scotland event at Celtic Connections as our model.’

The Homegrown concerts are labelled in the festival programme, and offer an attractive and varied line-up, with newer names like Joe Wright ranged alongside the likes of Kevin MacKenzie, David Milligan, Ryan Quigley and Paul Towndrow (pictured).

‘We have a wider range of promoters coming this year, and we are making it clear that we expect them to come up with bookings! As well as the official Homegrown concerts they will also be able to hear other Fringe gigs and so on that weekend.’

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