Olivia Buckland worried about boobs hitting the floor

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  • 30 May 2017
Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland has admitted she's put off having a baby because she's worried about her boobs drooping

Olivia Buckland doesn't want a baby in case her "boobs hit the floor."

The 'Love Island' babe has admitted she's not ready to start a family with her fiance Alex Bowen - who she met on the show last year - any time soon but would consider having a boob job afterwards if her bosoms have drooped from the pregnancy.

Speaking to new! magazine, she said: "Never say never. I'm not against it [surgery]. If I have a baby and my boobs hit the floor, I might want to think about picking them back up again. But at this moment in time, I don't want anything done and I'm glad about it."

And, although she's got no desire to have a child right now, the 23-year-old star is starting to feel pressure from her partner Alex and he's desperate for a baby.

She explained: "He wants one before he's 30. We don't want to rush into anything because we want to spend time together as a couple first.

"After we get married we want to travel and do fun things. I only want one [a baby] because Alex wants one.

"I'm the only one who can give Alex a baby, so that does make me broody because it will bring us closer. It will make him so happy.

"I'm happy to have one before he's 30... I just need it to sink in a little bit. I reckon when I'm 27 or 28. I've got a few more years of partying."

And Olivia has admitted she's even "hotter" on contraception now that her best friend Cara De La Hoyde is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey's baby.

She said: "I've always been hot on contraception - because I don't want a baby! It's not happening until I want it to, and I'm quite traditional.

"People might not believe that because I had sex on TV but I want to get married first, spend time together and then have a baby."

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