Aidan Turner: I hate Strictly Come Dancing

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  • 30 May 2017
Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner

'Poldark' star Aidan Turner has revealed he hates 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Aidan Turner hates 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 33-year-old heartthrob - who is best known for playing Ross Poldark in the BBC adaptation of 'The Poldark Novels' - has revealed he would never appear on the programme because he "can't stand" it.

Asked whether he watched the show, Aidan - who took up ballroom and Latin American dancing at the age of six - explained: "No. I hate it. God, I hate watching it now, I can't stand it really."

The dark-haired hunk also admitted he didn't know whether he would even be eligible to appear on the programme, having represented his country in various competitions during his youth.

He told Radio Times magazine: "I don't know if I'm eligible because I used to compete at an amateur level.

"I think you need to be, like, a raw beginner. They haven't asked me, no. And just for the record, I wouldn't do it."

Aidan has emerged as British sex symbol since he first appeared as Poldark in 2015 - but the actor has admitted his new-found status has no influence at home.

He shared: "It's never mentioned, strangely enough...They don't say anything. We don't keep photographs or posters of my jobs in the house...

"I mean, we watch the shows. My mum's obviously a big fan, but there's no shrines to Aidan Turner."

In fact, Aidan confessed that he doesn't even see himself as being a "real man".

He explained: "My dad is one of the old stock. He can do anything - fix a vintage car, do plumbing, lay flooring. He's one of those real men, you know? They're a dying breed."

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