Ben Fogle doesn't think it's rational to freeze a dead dog

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  • 29 May 2017
Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle has admitted he doesn't think it's rational to freeze a dead dog - like wildlife presenter Chris Packham did to his pet

Ben Fogle doesn't think it's rational to freeze a dead dog.

The 43-year-old TV presenter, who hosts 'Animal Park', can't believe his fellow wildlife presenter Chris Packham preserved his pet pooch in a freezer after he had passed last year and doesn't think sensible thing to do.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I don't entirely understand why you'd want to freeze it.

"I don't really understand the freezing thing unless you want to try to bring it back to life like the cryogenic freezing. I'm not quite sure (what) the rational is at all."

Chris, who presents 'Springwatch', has spoken out about how his autism has left him "devastated" following the death of Itchy - his 14-year-old poodle who died from prostate cancer before Christmas.

In the past Chris has openly expressed his preference of dogs over humans in his life and even detailed how his dogs saved him from suicide in his memoirs.

Chris has said that he wishes for both Itchy and his other poodle, Scratchy, to be cremated and scattered with him when he dies.

Until then, he has been keeping the remains of Itchy in his freezer.

Ben, who is currently running a campaign together with his dog, Storm, called Action Against Lungworm, shot to fame after starring on 'Castaway' in 2000 alongside his Labrador puppy, Inca, who he had chosen to bring as his 'luxury item'.

He reflected on his own reaction to the 'heartbreaking' loss of Inca in 2012, in which he highlighted the stark contrast between Chris' behaviour and his own.

He said: "Every dog that we've lost we've cremated them and scattered them around trees - I think that's a beautiful thing to do. People even turn them into rocks to wear around their necks. There's all kinds of things people do. I just don't understand the freezing."

Ben's new campaign is aimed at dog owners as he hopes to educate the nation on the dangers of lungworm and the risks is can pose to dogs.

He added: "I absolutely love dogs. In return for all the love that they give us we have to make sure that they're healthy and disease-free."

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