Paris Jackson praises Emma Watson

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  • 28 May 2017
Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson's "role model" is Emma Watson and she'd love to work with her in the future

Paris Jackson's "role model" is Emma Watson.

The aspiring actress was delighted to meet the 'Beauty and the Beast' star at the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles and hopes they can collaborate professionally in the future.

She told Grazia magazine: "I love her, and it would be great to work with her in the future. She's my role model."

Onlookers at the event say Paris approached Emma at her table during a break in the ceremony, and was delighted when the former 'Harry Potter' star gave her her phone number and said the 'Star' actress could call her for help and advice.

The source said: "Paris rushed over to Emma's table during an ad break and gushed about how inspired she is by her work.

"She was a huge fan of 'Harry Potter' growing up and was thrilled when Emma offered to be on hand with advice, now that Paris has moved into acting.

"They swapped numbers and Emma blew her a kiss before Paris ran back to her table."

It was previously claimed the 19-year-old star - who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson - has shunned advice from making it big from her own family members.

A source said: "She's not leaning on the family at all for advice. She sees people not willing to work hard, not willing to take things to the next level ... Laziness and reliance on the family name."

Paris' attitude is, in part, motivated by her father's experiences with the other members of the Jackson family.

The insider explained: "Paris has realised a lot of what her dad experienced with his family - bitterness, jealousy, manipulation, even hate."

However, one person Paris has been willing to take advice from is her older brother Prince.

A source said: "Prince, believe it or not, has been the single individual who has been guiding his sister. For a time, Paris wanted to honour her father by becoming a singer."

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