Florence Welch: 'Hedonism was a disguise from shyness'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 May 2017
Florence Welch

Florence Welch

Florence Welch used to think she need a hangover to write music and used hedonism as a disguise when she first found fame

Florence Welch used to think she need a hangover to write music.

The 30-year-old Florence and the Machine star admitted she is quite reserved and shy in real life and used alcohol as a crutch when she first found fame.

She explained to the Daily Telegraph: "Hedonism was like a disguise. I was a shy kid and I had to alter my personality. At first it's freeing but then it becomes a prison of its own making. I thought you needed a hangover to write."

Florence also revealed she has always found it easier to pour out her feelings in songs rather than express them by talking to people.

She said: "I find it easier to explain myself in music than in person. Songs are like protective talismans. In daily life, I'm much more unsure and shy.

"It's like hiding in plain sight... If I tell you that I'm struggling or in pain but dress it up and make the loudest noise ever, I can get it out. I can tell the truth but still hide behind the noise I'm making.

"On stage, something takes over. When I sing there is a huge sense of release. I am very in love with the world and quite afraid of it as well; my feelings come on really strong. In real life I have to find a way to shut that down. Stage is a place where it all makes sense and people aren't going to think I'm crazy."

Florence is currently working on her fourth album, which will explore the "black hole" she fell into with alcohol and upheaval in her personal life, including a split from event planner boyfriend James Nesbitt in 2014.

She said: "I'm happier now, I'm content, but I'm never going to be fixed, ever. I don't think that's how it works. A lot of things almost worked for me: partying almost worked, being famous and successful almost worked, the relationship almost worked... but it won't sustain you. These are transient things. It's working out how to be OK regardless."