The 5 worst clashes at Field Day and how to choose who to see

The 5 worst clashes at Field Day and how to choose who to see

Caribou at Field Play

Field Day is back for its 11th year with Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus and Run the Jewels as headliners

In its 11 year history, Field Day has become somewhat of a London Institution. Known for consistently bringing together an exceptional programme of acts each year, the festival has seen the likes of Pixies, PJ Harvey and Caribou grace its many stages, alongside up-and-comers and lesser known artists. To help celebrate its 10th anniversary, Crack Magazine put together a short film featuring interviews with Four Tet, Caribou and Field Day founder Tom Baker among others, which summarises exactly what makes the festival so special.

'My eclectic taste in music led to Field Day being quite diverse right from the start in terms of not just being about one type or style of music.' Baker says in the film. This focus on a range of genres has always been a key element of the festival and is partly responsible for its continued success.

This year's festival comes with a series of changes, including a move away from a two or three day programme of events to a jam-packed one day lineup. The main stage of the festival has also been switched up, being replaced with 'The Barn', a hangar-like complex designed especially for the main electronic music acts, including the mighty Aphex Twin. But the village-fête aspect of the festival will remain, with Vintage Mentality once again returning to the Victoria Park Village Green with games, eating contents and much more.

As with any multi-stage festival, there are bound to be some annoying clashes and with such a strong lineup this year, you're going to have a tough time choosing who to see. But fear not because we've rounded up some of the worst clashes to help you make that final decision.

HMLTD (Crack, 2.30pm) and Ikonika (Bleep, 3pm)
This one could be a simple choice, depending on your taste. One the one hand, HMLTD are your not-so-average avant-garde guitar band, that mix everything from glam rock to electronic music. And on the other, you have DJ/producer Ikonika, Hyperdub's queen of dubstep. Both acts will be fun to watch but see HMLTD if you're looking for a mad live performance and Ikonika for something more bass and synth-heavy.

Moderat (The Barn, 4.20pm) and Death Grips (Crack, 4.50pm)
As former Field Day headliners, Moderat are a familiar sight on the lineup. The Berlin-based electronic trio made up of Modeselektor's Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, and Sascha Ring, also known as Apparat, have a reputation for being a truly phenomenal live act. The mix of Modeselektor's rhythms and Apparat's more mellow, sweeping melodies creates a great sense of drama above all else. At the same time, another trio, California's Death Grips will be bringing their experimental hip hop, punk and electronic energy to the Crack Stage. Choose Moderat for a well thought-out and exciting live show but for something intense, aggressive and chaotic, Death Grips are your guys.

Kode9 (Bleep, 5pm) and Jon Hopkins (The Barn, 5.20pm)
This is a tough one. You've got Hyperdub boss and dubstep innovator Steve Goodman aka Kode9 on the Bleep stage but then there's also producer, composer, DJ and collaborator extraordinaire Jon Hopkins in The Barn. Our advice would be to watch both Kode9 and Jon Hopkins' Boiler Room sets beforehand and then make a snap decision on the day (we didn't say it was good advice).

Aphex Twin (The Barn, 8.55pm) and Slowdive (Crack, 9.10pm)
This clash may be the one that people are most annoyed about because even though the two acts are entirely different genres, they're also pretty universally liked and thus share a lot of the same fans. Slowdive are the shoegaze wonder-kids of the 90s while Aphex Twin is the enigmatic, genius techno/experimental DJ of the 90s. So which do you choose? You can guarantee that Slowdive will be a fairly chilled out affair while Aphex Twin will no doubt be a faster, harder and more extreme experience. Last year, Aphex Twin played his first live show in eight years so just in case he disappears again, I'd catch him while you can. Also, if you've been following his Twitter, you'll know that something strange is afoot and expected to be revealed on the same day as his Field Day set.

Run the Jewels (Eat Your Own Ears, 9.45pm) and Omar Souleyman (Moth Club, 9.35pm)
As a headliner, Run the Jewels are an act that most people will probably flock to see. And so they should; the hip hop supergroup have had a particular fruitful six months since the excellent Run the Jewels 3 was released. But over at the Moth Club stage, you'll find former Syrian wedding singer and unexpected darling of the electronic music world Omar Souleyman. Following the release of his 2013 Four Tet produced LP Wenu Wenu, Souleyman's popularity skyrocketed and he continues to be adored by clubbers all over the world today. If you're a huge RTJ fan, by all means, don't miss your chance to see them. But if you do decide to see Omar Souleyman, we can guarantee that it'll be the most fun you'll have at Field Day this year.

To see the full lineup and stage times, visit the official Field Day site.

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