Q&A with Pea Sea – 'We make it work with WD-40 and marigolds'

Q&A with Pea Sea - 'We make it work with WD 40 and marigolds'

Christopher Rollen of multi-citied indie folksters Pea Sea chats about their upcoming UK dates

The songs on Pea Sea's new album take in the world of work, memories of the Lockerbie bombing and that old chestnut, Britain in Europe. The band are also going off out on a UK tour, so we had a wee chat with the man behind the Sea, Christopher Rollen, about the Anglo-Scottish borderlands and the Berlin sauna scene.

While Pea Sea is mainly a solo project – you've got a multi-city band for your upcoming gigs. How do you make it work?
Each member is quintuplet with an identical sibling in Edinburgh, Leeds, Sunderland and Newcastle. We make it work with WD-40 and marigolds.

How did your live band get started playing together?
When they were busking playing kazoo for spare change outside a local sauna I frequent.

Can you tell us more about your previous releases?
I'm also in Les Cox Sportifs who have released a couple of albums and EPs. The last Pea Sea album was the debut called The Debatable Land and was recorded in Sunderland with Field Music. The other chaps have been in various bands in the UK and Australia but currently find ourselves hanging out in the Berlin sauna scene.

Can you sum up your sound in ten words or fewer?
Tropical funk's answer to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

Fancy elaborating?
The CD album comes with a 10 year guarantee. No skipping.

Some of your work is influenced by the Anglo-Scottish border land where you grew up – how does that manifest in your music?
I grew up there and it has taken on some mythical significance since I left in the late 90s. I think that the Irish call it dindsenchas.

What else inspires you to create?
Listening to music. Any music that somehow pushes that button.

Who are you listening to these days?
Lots of stuff … This week Scott Walker, Big Star, Sleaford Mods, Captain Beefheart, Ravi Shankar. 6 Music while doing the dishes. Pretty excited about the band Edinburgh Leisure, too!

Any last words?
We are all looking forwards to our UK gigs, so come on down. We have a great clarinet player.

Pea Sea

Solo project of Christopher Rollen, who describes his music as 'tropical funk's answer to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.'