Riviera: 'a sunny place for shady people'

TV Preview: Riviera

Julia Stiles and Iwan Rheon star in this new crime thriller from Neil Jordan

Beneath the glitz of the French Riviera lies a world of big money and big risks in this new ten part crime thriller. After billionaire Constantine Clios (Anthony LaPaglia) is killed in a mysterious explosion on board a multimillion dollar yacht his second wife, Georgina (Julia Stiles), starts her own investigations into his death.

'I think "a sunny place for shady people" is a great way to describe this show,' explains Stiles. 'While this world is seemingly very glamorous, opulent and beautiful, all is not what it seems and that is echoed in our main characters.'

Georgina thought her husband was a legitimate businessman and philanthropist but his fortune was built on crime and corruption. With a huge legacy and a business empire at stake the vultures start to circle, including Constantine's first wife Irina (Lena Olin), his eldest son (Game of Thrones's Iwan Rheon) and investigator Jukes (Phil Davis).

Riviera has an impressive pedigree. Created by Oscar-winning director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game / The Borgias) it's actually based on an idea by U2's former manager Paul McGuinness, fleshed out by Jordan, the first two episodes co-written by Booker Prize-winning novelist John Banville (The Sea). Brought to life by some of Europe's most interesting directors, such as Hans Herbots (Spiral) and Philipp Kadelbach (Generation War), Riviera reveals the dirt and danger behind the decadence of the super-rich.

Riviera starts on Sky Atlantic, Thu 15 Jun.

Riviera Teaser

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