Angelos & Barry – 'If his oxygen tank blows up, I'm moving rooms'

Angelos & Barry – 'If his oxygen tank blows up, I'm moving rooms'

An unlikely twosome takes to the road promising to tackle important themes such as adequate sleeping arrangements and pet elephants

They're either a comedy match made in heaven or a touring version of the odd couple. When the 82-year-old Barry From Watford and much younger Angelos Epithemiou take to the road, chaos may well ensue. Barry's extensive media experience from calling in to Steve Wright's Radio 2 show as well as performing ventriloquism at his local club allied to burger van impresario Angelos' days as sidekick to Vic 'n' Bob on Shooting Stars should help grease the audience's wheels.

More crucially, will they be sharing accommodation on the road? 'I'd be very happy to do that to save money,' insists the prudent Barry. 'Whether that involved sharing a bed or a bunk bed or a put-me-up, a sit-me-down, a lie-me-down or a bend-me-over, I do not know.'

'He has one of those big oxygen tanks and I've said to him if that blows up, I'm moving rooms,' chips in Angelos. 'I've had to lay down the law a little bit. And he snores.'

'I'm sure he'll be able to sleep through,' counters Barry. 'What goes on tour stays on tour: my wife Margaret has given me carte blanche, so I might stay out all night. Maybe go to the casino.'

In terms of what they'll actually be doing on stage, Angelos insists that the 'big stuff' will be on their minds. 'We'll discuss the economy, ecology, Europe, superyachts. I don't have a superyacht because it's a waste of money. If I had all that cash, I'd spend it on something much more worthwhile, like an elephant. At the very least it could wash your car.'

'The honest truth is we're going to be trotting out the usual rubbish,' confesses Barry. 'There will, of course, be a number of important themes but if anyone can actually uncover them, that's another matter.'

Angelos & Barry: The New Power Generation is on tour until Fri 1 Dec.

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