5 Things you might not know about - Francesca Martinez

Francesca Martinez
  1. Martinez first came to the public’s attention as Rachel Burns in Grange Hill and claimed that at her real school she had to use humour to make people accept that even though she had cerebral palsy, she was just a regular kid.
  2. She got into comedy when her dad wrote a script in which she was to play a stand-up. Although the script came to nothing, she researched the part by enrolling onto a comedy course where she was taught a technique called ‘rant and rave’ which seemed to work for her.
  3. She was 22-years-old when she tottered on stage in Edinburgh and told the audience: ‘In case you’re wondering the correct name for my condition, it’s ‘sober’. When I’m drunk, I walk in a straight line.’ She went on to scoop the Daily Telegraph Open Mic award.
  4. Her highest profile part to date was appearing in Extras as Fran in the episode where Kate Winslet plays herself as a dirty-talking nun.
  5. Earlier this year, she accepted then declined an invitation to take part in the Olympics torch relay though London as a protest against China’s treatment of Tibet. She decided to pull out of the parade in the back of a taxi on the way to an interview with Jon Snow for Channel 4 News.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 1, 3 Jul; The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 2 Jul.

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