Louise Thompson moves boyfriend in

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  • 22 May 2017
Ryan Libbey

Ryan Libbey

Louise Thompson and her boyfriend Ryan Libbey have moved in together but aren't ready to start thinking about marriage

Louise Thompson has moved in with her boyfriend Ryan Libbey.

The 'Made in Chelsea' beauty came under fire last year after she jumped straight into a relationship with the personal trainer shortly after she split from her beau Alik Alfus, whom she moved across the pond for, but it looks like things are going from strength-to-strength for the happy couple as the hunk has just moved his things into her home.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Ryan explained: "I can absolutely see myself settling down with Louise. I've actually just moved in with her. We're now living together. It's only very recent, so I've still got a few things in my old place but in terms of me spending time here, I'm here every evening now. So that's a big definite, it's a show of commitment to the relationship. I definitely see a future with Louise."

And, although they're both keen to settle down and start a family together, the 26-year-old heartthrob is keen to take things slowly because there are still things they want to do and achieve before they start thinking about having children.

He explained: "Well, I say slowly, I've been with Louise just over a year now and I've only just moved in. I say only just, I suppose that's quite fast but we just want to take it step by step, you know but we want to accomplish a few things before we settle down and talk about a family, but I mean we talk about it and we're on the same page but I think we're probably a couple of years form a ring and a family."

Ryan is an ambassador for new HIT-style workout STRONG by Zumba, which launches this month. Strongbyzumba.com.

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