Padded Cell & Cut Copy

Padded Cell

Optimo, Sub Club, Glasgow, Sun 22 & Sun 29 Jun


If you like going out in Glasgow on a Sunday night and were born with any taste at all, you’ll know all about Optimo. Do we need to tell you yet again why we love it so? What you really need to be aware of is the pair of live guests that will be playing this fortnight: in Padded Cell (22 June) and Cut Copy (29 Jun), Twitch and Wilkes have secured two of the most exciting electronic acts of the year.

London duo Padded Cell are Richard Sen (ex-Bronx Dogs) and Neil Higgins (ex-Dirty Beatniks), and they’ve been around since 2003. This year’s Night Must Fall album is where their career has stepped up a level. The pair declare their key influences to be, ‘Goblin, The Velvet Underground, Arthur Russell, Prince, Carl Craig, J Saul Kane, analogue fetishism and creeping psychosis’. We can think of nothing to add to that.

Cut Copy, meanwhile, are one of Australia’s most important contemporary bands. Mainstays of the Modular label, the Melbourne trio’s two albums to date – 2004’s Bright Like Neon Love and this year’s In Ghost Colours – have proven their credentials as classic pop songwriters in the urbane 80s mould of New Order at their peak. The live show, however, is a house-heavy rampage of extended edits and synthesised passages which recall everything from Chicago house to electroclash.

Don’t just listen to what we have to say, though. The fact that they’ve both been chosen to join the ranks of those who’ve guested at Optimo is all the recommendation you really need.

Optimo (Espacio)

Legendary Glasgow club night as JD Twitch and JG Wilkes team up for an eclectic mix of beats and other vaguely electronic music for dancing.

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