Profile - Marco Bailey & Percy X

Profile - Marco Bailey

Names Marco Bailey & Percy X

Who that? Bailey is Belgium’s premier techno DJ/producer and CEO of record label MB Selektions. Percy X is Glasgow’s own Soma stalwart, also a DJ/producer, again fronting his own label edit-select.

What’s the story? Born Marco Beleen, Bailey is one of your international, stadium-worthy crowd-pullers. Rocking huge crowds the world over for the best part of two decades he is generally regarded as the dedicated and enthusiastic grafter of techno. Popular with the big names on the European circuit, his productions first earned him the attentions of Carl Cox’s Intec label (as well as Primate, Zync and Tortured) before he branched out on his own. On top of all that he is partly responsible for Pornographic Records having hooked up and hit it off with Spain’s Christian Varela. He scrubs up pretty well too.

And Percy X? Much the same. Tony Scott, as his mother would have it, ploughed a similar furrow from acid house through to full-on techno and beyond. Starting out as a member of Havana alongside Richard Miller on Limbo records, his celebrated seminal Percy X releases on Soma include debut ‘X-Tracks’, ‘Track 2’ and ‘-3’ with Andy Weatherall. Good with numbers then. On the steels he governed GAIN at the now defunct Alaska and is currently fronting his label branded night at Snafu in Aberdeen.

So what’s the occasion? Well these two comparable paths will converge this fortnight at Edinburgh’s guest-heavy Jackhammer, with the tattooed Belgian behemoth’s penchant for pure techno, electro and minimal coming together with the forward thinking beeps and blips of the toast of Ecosse. The former isn’t shy about his appreciation of Boards of Canada either so let’s hope there’s a hint of destiny in the offing.

Jackhammer, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Friday 20 Jun


Techno night with residents Wolfjazz and Keyte and some big names guesting.

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