Todd Terje

Todd Terje

After Dark at Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 21 Jun


When the teenage Todd Terje’s big sister said she liked disco, he didn’t really believe her. He thought she was being ironic, because she was hanging round with DJs on the Oslo scene and had heard them talking about it. This was the era of Acid Jazz though, and the far cooler (so he thought) Terje’s investigations into the roots of the scene led him to agree with his sis. Now he makes a living re-editing songs by Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Madonna – not always officially – into new space-disco incarnations and playing them out live.

‘My favourite edit is probably the one I made of Paul Simon’s “Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes”,’ says the real-life Terje Olsen, whose stage name is a nod to Todd Terry and a cause of much annoyance that he has to explain it to every Norwegian journalist he meets. ‘I know that Paul Simon isn’t the most fashionable, but I think people are much more adventurous about what they listen to these days. It’s funny, though, I also have a version of his “Late in the Evening” that seems to get more play. I think it’s because it’s faster.’

Now Terje is at the forefront of an unheralded revival in Norwegian dance music. ‘I don’t think there has always been an Oslo scene,’ he says, ‘but a lot of people have been making music on their own for a while and not believing they could get anywhere with it. Then they saw guys like Lindstrom and Prins Thomas break through – they were an inspiration to all of us’.

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