Cinderella - Perth Theatre (4 stars)


Perth Theatre, until Sat 6 Jan

The Pitch Pity poor Baron Hardup, as feeble as a bowl of watery broth with a dicky ticker to boot, blitz-fully wedded to arch shrew Dodda Mutton, stepfather to a pair of hideous harpies who could give Lucrezia Borgia a run for her money in the monstrosity stakes. Mercifully the good Baron can always rely on saintly daughter (there's no in-between in Pantoland) Cinderella to save him from being bumped off by this unholy trio. Though the virtuous one is not short of dilemmas of her own, namely: who was that handsome rake she fell in love with in the forest? How can she score an invitation to that damned royal ball? And how in the name of the wee man does she get the skidmarks out of the Ugly Sisters' bloomers?

The Verdict Ian Grieve and Jimmy Chisholm's take on this most time-honoured of panto tales is resolutely traditional, fizzing along in a golden coach of sweetie showers, slightly risqué humour, local references and catchy singaglongs. Chisholm and Joe Gallagher as Ugly Sisters Senga and Bella provide the bulk of the show's laughs, including an outstanding 'body pump' routine, which includes the unforgettable line 'If you want to trim your tum, just blow it out your bum'. You can just imagine what the kids thought of that . . .

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