Peter Pan (3 stars)

Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, until Wed 24 Jan

The Pitch Thirty-five-year-old man Pan (Cameron-Big Brother-Stout), who definitely won’t be doing more growing, flies into the Darling sibling’s (Stephen Purdon and Laura McMonagle) window and whisks them, Nanny Clyde (Dean Parks) and Nana the dug off to Neverland. There they encounter Hook (boo), Smee and Smelly (who?) and the talented midriff dancers (woo woo), a wee treat for the dads. But when Hook kidnaps Wendy, will they rescue her from the dreaded plank?

The Verdict Complete with clap along numbers, innuendo, late comer abuse and bam bashing; you join the Pan posse as they travel through the cardboard cut out sets. The spectacular laser light show and the Scottish folk remix of ‘wee Andy Webber’s’ tunes are definite highlights. There are numerous predictable Real Radio, Big Brother and River City jokes, but apart from the odd references to the Blue Lagoon and Sausage Roll Street, the Weegie winks we love so much are thinly spread. Talking of food, wait till you hear Tinkercat’s ‘twelve days of fast food’ song. If that makes you hungry you’ll be ready for your sweets, what? No sweets! Boo hiss.

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