Travis Scott drops three new tracks

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  • 16 May 2017
Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Travis Scott has released three new songs on Soundcloud, which are titled 'Butterfly Effect', 'Green & Purple', which features Playboi Cartl, and 'A Man'

Travis Scott has released three new songs.

The 25-year-old rapper - whose full name is Jacques Webster Junior - dropped three new tracks titled 'Butterfly Effect', 'Green & Purple', which features Playboi Cartl, and 'A Man', on the streaming site Soundcloud on Monday (15.05.17).

The 'Butterfly Effect' features the lyrics: "For this life I cannot change."

Whilst his other single 'A man' repeats the chorus: "Got a code on my doors can't get in between.

"No way in, no way out cos you do or die ... when I roll it's suicide.

"You got to watch, a man."

Travis also teased the news he was releasing new music on social media, as he uploaded a string of artistry on his Instagram account.

One image of him sitting in a black sports car, with the words "Butterfly Effect" emblazoned on the door, was captioned: " (sic)" followed by the butterfly emoji.

Travis - who signed to Epic Records in 2012 - released his album 'Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight' in 2016 and has since embarked on his Birds Eye Tour, which has caused a stir as he was reportedly arrested on Saturday (13.05.17) at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion for allegedly "inciting a riot".

And the artist has acknowledge his tour has been "crazy" and he is surprised by the response he has received.

Speaking previously about his current string of concerts, he said: "It's crazy. I'm not going to lie, the vibrations might be more ultra than what I expected. First of all it's a new set for me, and it's a way bigger show, it's like, playing for way more people. It's, like, whoa. I never knew this many people with the s**t. And down to rage. I get surprised every time. I'm honestly curious to see how this Houston show goes."

Travis has revealed he feels like a "fan" of himself when he takes to the stage to perform. ]

He added: "I always just put myself in the fan's shoes, that's my whole thing. So if I was a fan right now, would I be hyped? Is this how I want to feel? I'm a fan of myself when I'm on stage, which is crazy. So I try to look at myself, like, if I was watching me, I got to be entertaining."

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