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  • 16 June 2008

Kat in the diary room

Kathreya hates having to nominate because she dislikes saying anything negative.

The 30-year-old massage therapist always tries to be positive, and even lets her family win arguments because she doesn't like making them sad.

Worrying about making her nominations, she said: "I can't think. I still can't think. I feel like a dumbo. I feel like an idiot.

"Don't even know who to say. Got to know who to say, then got to try and find a reason. In my life, I never say negative things!"

Some of the other housemates sympathised with Kat, with Lisa telling her everyone was worried about nominating.

Lisa said: "When you do nominate someone, you're going to feel like, 'Was that the right person?' But we're all in the same position."

In an ill-fated attempt to make Kat feel better, Lisa claimed she had lost sleep because she was so nervous about nominating.

She added: "It'll be harder when you have to nominate someone who's a friend."

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