Housemates' drag party

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 June 2008

Dale sitting in a chair

The male housemates are dressing up as women for Mohamed's birthday.

Mohamed wants the boys to dress up as the Spice Girls, while the girls are going to get in on the act and dress as the Backstreet Boys this evening (16.06.08).

While some of the housemates are not over-enamoured with the idea - student Luke exclaimed he "didn't sign up" to wear a dress - others are embracing the challenge.

Dale has already rooted through Jennifer's wardrobe in the hope of securing the perfect outfit.

He has also taken out his own earring and replaced it with one of Jennifer's, and stated he wants to get his nails painted in time for the party.

While planning Dale's outfit, Jennifer came across one of Becky's bras which she proceeded to put on her head.

Amazed at the size of Becky's assets, she said: "Her boobs are as big as my head!"

Meanwhile, Lisa is planning to dress her boyfriend Mario in a yellow dress for the event.

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