Keith Lemon jokes about Ant and Dec comparison

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  • 15 May 2017
Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness

Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness

Keith Lemon says he and Paddy McGuinness are a "glue-sniffing" version of TV presenters Ant and Dec

Keith Lemon says he and Paddy McGuinness are a "glue-sniffing" version of Ant and Dec.

The 43-year-old 'Celebrity Juice' host presenter reunited with lifelong friend Paddy McGuinness for 'The Keith and Paddy Picture Show' - a new five-part series for ITV, in which the pair rope in their showbiz pals to recreate some of Hollywood's most iconic movies.

But the pair, who first met on Comic Relief in 2009 when they recreated the dance from 1987 movie 'Dirty Dancing' starring Patrick Swayze, have been compared to other iconic duos.

Speaking at the screening for the first episode of the new show, guest host George Lamb suggested they were like Cannon and Ball and asked whether this was a fair comparison.

Paddy declared that he wanted to be Bobby, whilst Keith admitted he "liked" it but explained: "Because you know we're doing a lot of stuff together now on ITV, a lot of people to me have said, 'Oh do you think you're a new Ant and Dec?' We're Ant and Dec but glue-sniffers, which is Cannon and Ball because back in the day people did snuff glue then when they were on the telly."

He continued: "I don't mind that comparison of Canon and Ball because I right liked them when I was a kid."

Paddy chirped: "A very naughty and dark Ant and Dec".

Keith poked fun at Ant's large forehead, made it clear which half of the Geordie duo he'd be.

He quipped: "My actual forehead goes right into my hat, right in to the top."

The concept for 'The Keith and Paddy Picture Show' has been long in the making and was inspired by their Comic Relief stint.

Paddy recalled: "It kind of got a hell of a lot of views on YouTube and we both said we love films and we said there might be something in this, a first draft up of 'Dirty Dancing' way back then but nobody wanted it."

Keith jokingly added: "But it had John Lesley in it quite a lot. Maybe that was why nobody wanted it. He was a nice fella - he didn't get convicted of anything."

In episode one, Paddy plays the role of Patrick Swayze whilst Keith plays Jennifer Grey but the roles vary depending on which film is being recreated.

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