Hansel and Gretel - The Arches (3 stars)

Hansel and Gretel

The Arches, Glasgow, until Sun 7 Jan

The Pitch Hansel (Helen Mallon) and Gretel (Isobel Joss) are abandoned in the forest by their evil stepmother (Julie Brown), so that herself and the father (Stewart Ennis) have two less mouths to feed. However, the children prove astute when caught by the evil witch (Al Seed) and make their way back home, armed with food.

The Verdict Andy Arnold’s show (from the Brothers Grimm version) is a panto-ette, running at a short-but-sweet 55 minutes, making it better suited for younger children. 3 year-old hecklers and background noise meant the actors fought to get every ‘it’s behind you’ heard, but the show’s energy stayed high. Jeni Campbell’s neat stage design complete with puppets set the scene for booing, hissing and singing ‘through the forest’. Younger children became part of the play, talking and interacting with the characters whilst crying babies were consoled by the father’s calming lullaby. A sweet fairytale but best for the little ’uns.

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