Amy Schumer's brother 'gagged' when he saw her boob in Snatched

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  • 11 May 2017
Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer says her brother "gagged" when he accidentally saw her boob in her new film 'Snatched'

Amy Schumer revealed her brother "gagged" when he saw her boob in 'Snatched'.

The 35-year-old actress, stars in the upcoming comedy alongside Goldie Hawn, sat down to watch the movie with her brother Jason Stein and admits she will never forget his reaction when he saw his sister's breast despite her best efforts to skip past the nip slip scene.

In an interview with ET, Amy explained: "I watched the movie with him - my sister [Kim Caramele] and I rewrote this movie - we watched it with our brother and, you know, my boob comes out in this movie. Right before we said, 'Don't look!' We paused it, we tried to skip ahead but it skipped right to that part."

She continued: "He was like, gagging, it was awful. We honestly haven't made eye contact since, it's very uncomfortable."

The movie, directed by Jonathan Levine, sees Goldie and Amy play an ultra-cautious mother and reckless, impulsive daughter, who go on an exotic holiday together when it suddenly turns into a comical jungle adventure.

And working together is something which Amy is going to miss once promotion for the 20th Century Fox film comes to an end.

Amy said: "We've been emotional about it all day. This is the end of the line for us. We will still see each other, but not as much, so we're sad. We're sad it's coming to an end, you know? We're crazy about each other."

The comedian will next star in war drama 'Thank You for Your Service' which is to be released on October 27 and will see her play much more of a serious role but she's looking forward to the challenge of moving away from her usual comic capers.

She said: "I'm really excited about it but it was [definitely] a different role. It was totally out of my comfort zone. I was surprised I even got an audition and the script was so beautiful and amazing."

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