George Michael's love songs

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  • 16 June 2008

George Michael's love songs

George Michael is so happy with his boyfriend he can't write sad songs.

The 'Fastlove' singer has to rely on tales of other people's tragic love lives to inspire him because life with Kenny Goss is so blissful.

He said: "I have this wonderful partner. Through rows, misunderstandings and pain we have actually reached a fantastic place.

"So recently I've had to write about other people's lives when I want to hit that lonely mood. I have to refer to other people's pain."

George - who has been dating Kenny since 1996 - also admits his happy personal life has stifled his creativity and cost him chart success.

He added to the Los Angeles Times newspaper: "I was most successful when I was the loneliest. And I think most people are lonely, even in love.

"We all know the difference between great sex and something which is totally about loving someone. And by a certain age, we know that kind of love is not a lifelong pattern for many people."

George, 44, has previously revealed he and Kenny, 49, enjoy an open relationship and are free to see other people.

He said: "Gay relationships are a bit different. I'm sure we'll be allowed to roam if we want to. But we love each other dearly."

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