Video premiere: Foreignfox – 'Lights Off, Carry Me Home'

Foreignfox: Lights Off, Carry Me Home – Video Premier

Check out our exclusive stream of Foreignfox's disconcerting new video

Self-medication, disillusionment and destruction loom large in Foreignfox's new video for 'Lights Off, Carry Me Home'. A man rages against himself in increasingly disturbing ways: drowning a version of himself in a bathtub, obsessively scratching his torso and arms, compulsively watching screen after screen of himself laughing maniacally – the video is raw and quietly disturbing.

Lead singer Jonny Watt says: 'When I wrote the lyrics to 'Lights Off...', I saw it as an objective fictitious story of someone dealing with problems of addiction and lying to themselves about it. More and more, I realise it's a story much closer to home and is basically me making excuses as to why I won't stop doing the things I know are harmful to myself, physically and mentally – and how I don't want to either.'

Director/editor Joe McTernan and director/editor/colourist Troy Edige have created a video that captures a snapshot in one person's life: the moment in which self-obsession turns to self-destruction. In doing so, the pair have managed to document a scene that will be recognisable to most people familiar with smartphones, the internet, and social media: together the audience passively watch as someone loses the grip on a carefully orchestrated existence – put together precisely for these platforms – and give in to their exhausted psyche.

Have a watch below.

Lights Off, Carry Me Home is taken from Foreignfox's forthcoming EP, I Used To Be A Bellydancer. The track is out now via Scottish Fiction Records.

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