Martin Kemp's EastEnders scenes are on sons must-see TV moments list

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  • 9 May 2017
Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp

Capital FM presenter Roman Kemp says he would have some of his dad's EastEnders scenes in his personal list of the must-see TV moments

Roman Kemp has rated his father Martin Kemp's 'EastEnders' scenes highly on his personal list of must-see TV moments.

The 24-year-old radio presenter joined a panel of judges to select a list of Virgin TV's Must-See Moment BAFTA Awards, and the star has admitted the "big stories" his parent starred in when he appeared on the longstanding soap, including the murder of his on-screen lover Saskia Duncan, is one of his all-time favourite episodes and would be on his selection of must-see moments on television, although the sketch did not make the final list of nominations.

Speaking exclusive to BANG Showbiz, 'The snare' actor said: "Still to this day I'm having people saying to me that they cannot believe he killed her old Saskia with an ash tray and the moment he where he sent Matthew to jail.

"He had some big stories and I bet the ash tray moment would be on my list."

And Roman has revealed he was selected to assist with the selection process by choosing clips from shows featured on streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

He explained: "It's an amazing thing to do and to see some passion about TV. We somehow managed to come together and present the list.

"I was the youngest person sat at this round table and my job was to make sure that shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime got a fair share of nominations on the list.

"I wanted to have 'Carpool Karaoke' on the list and it made it, which was great.

"'Game of Thrones' isn't a BBC show or ITV show and this is what this list is about.

"It's about making sure every channel is brought into it."

To vote for Virgin TV's Must-See Moments cast your nomination at, and tune in on May 14 to the British Academy Television Awards to see who wins.

The full list of iconic moments that have been nominated are as follows;

'Game of Thrones' - Battle of the Bastards

'The Late Late Show: Carpool Karaoke' starring Michelle Obama

'Line of Duty' - Urgent Exit Required

'Planet Earth II' - Snakes vs Iguana Chase

'Strictly Come Dancing' - Ed Balls' Gangnam style routine

'Who Do You Think You Are' - Episode 13 featuring Danny Dyer

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