Sore loser housemates

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 June 2008

Rex wearing his trilby hat

Housemates have failed the crisp tasting task.

Big Brother told the fatigued contestants - who endured sore lips and tongues during the challenge to correctly identify four flavours of crisps - they slipped outside the five per cent error margin yesterday (15.06.08).

By failing, the house has lost out on a luxury token, which could have been exchanged for hot water or beauty products.

Luke said: "All that for nothing. We licked all those crisps. I'm never eating another crisp in my life!"

Alex threatened the success of the task early on after she saw a tissue in the crisp bowl and refused to participate. She later moved away from the group and continued to lick the potato snacks.

Professional chef Rex could not understand how the group failed by confusing Worcester sauce and cheese and onion.

He said: "They're the two most different. We should have put those crumbs in the cheese and onion bag."

Darnell added: "At least we finished it."

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