Amy Childs had stitches after birth

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  • 9 May 2017
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs had to be stitched up after she gave birth to her daughter last month

Amy Childs had to have stitches after her "bloody painful" labour last month.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star welcomed her little girl - her first child - into the world with her partner Bradley Wright on April 30 and has admitted, although she's got quite a good pain tolerance, she couldn't believe how sore giving birth was.

Writing in her column for new magazine, she explained: "My labour was so long and hard - it was 27 hours! As soon as my contractions started, I went to the hospital but they sent me home as I was too early. I got on the birthing ball but I was in too much pain so I was back at the hospital by midday. Labour is bloody painful! I did most of it without pain relief but I had to have an epidural in the end as it was all too much. I was so happy and relieved when she arrived. I had to have two stitches but I feel fine. It's so true - you definitely forget the pain afterwards!"

And, although she feels "fine", the 26-year-old reality TV beauty has been overcome with emotion recently and can't stop crying whenever she looks at her baby.

She said: "I've spent the last few days in total shock. I feel totally overwhelmed. I keep looking at her and crying. I just can't believe she's mine. She's just so perfect and beautiful and I love her so much. I posted a meme on Instagram last week saying how proud I am.

"Everyone says she looks like me but I think she has Brad's eyes. We haven't got a name for her yet. Well, there's one we really like but we just want to give it a few days before we finally decided, so hopefully by next week I'll have a name for you!

"Everyone keeps asking me how I feel and I feel fine. I've hardly slept but I don;t want to - I just spend the whole night cuddling her. She's amazing."

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