Mike Love wants Brian Wilson reunion

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  • 7 May 2017
Mike Love

Mike Love

Mike Love wants Brian Wilson to reunite with the Beach Boys but admits "there's no imminent plans"

Mike Love wants Brian Wilson to reunite with the Beach Boys.

Although the surviving members of the group - Mike, Brian, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston - reunited in 2012 for a 50th anniversary album and tour, Brian has since returned to his solo tours but Mike still hopes for a full reunion one day.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, he said: "The problem with that album was I was told I was going to be able to write with Brian. That was never allowed. I was misrepresented. If it was just Brian and I could go to a piano with him that would be awesome but it hasn't worked out that way. But I would never say anything other than I would love to have a chance to get together with Brian, but his life is pretty much dictated by others. He has his own band and thing that he does with concerts and stuff and we do ours, and so I don't know. I'm not opposed to it but on the other hand there's no imminent plans for doing things."

And although Mike may be unhappy that Brian is no longer playing with the group, he maintains his love for what they have achieved and for the group's fans.

He said: "The beauty of the Beach Boys' music, the stuff that we've created for going on five decades now, it seems to transcend generations. Not only do our original fans still love to hear those songs, their children and some of their grandchildren like the Beach Boys, which is kind of miraculous if you think about it.

"There's still that feeling when you step out on stage in front of an audience that's listened to your music, maybe grown up with it, maybe it's the first time they've ever seen you in concert, there's a real joy to that and you don't get that inside a studio. You get other rewards, like hearing the results of your recording and working very hard and perfecting everything, but that's a different vibration."


1. kingofallwhites .8 May 2017, 5:35pm Report

They should really only assign writers who know about a band this important to write about them. This writer has no clue who David Marks is and doesn't even mention him as one of the original surviving members. Welcome to BINGO night.

2. KennyF9 May 2017, 12:44am Report

Just to set the record straight David Marks was a young neighbor of the brothers who filled in for Al while he tried dental school, which didn't last very long. He was not part of those beautiful harmonies created in the studio. He was not an original Beach Boy.

3. Drew Jardine9 May 2017, 5:20am Report

From my experience, I would say Mike is quite happy the way things are now with his Mike & Bruce show and him controlling everything. He only professeses to wish a reunion to appease the fan base after he smashed down the very successful 50th anniversary, because people greatly preferred it to his band. If he was really so intent on another reunion, why does he always come up with so many issues for it to not happen? And if it somehow did, there are always more excuses and reasons not to do it. Too bad because it was a great show and fans really loved seeing three original founding members back together again, instead of just one.

4. Ron Whiteman10 May 2017, 12:31am Report

David Marks is an original Beach Boy and was on many of the 1st hits. That's like saying Ringo wasn't an original Beatle because he replaced Pete Best.

5. Karlheinz Regenberg10 May 2017, 3:24am Report

I am from the German Beach Boys-Fanclub "California Saga" and founded the German Website on Facebook. I saw the reunited Beach Boys in 2012 in Stuttgart and that was awesome ! We German fans had them in 3 concerts and wished that to go on forever now but we know till today that 2 formations tour again like before - very sorry. I will see both again in June & July in Frankfurt ! David Marks was really forgotten in the article, he is an Original Beach Boy and was on the first 4 vor 5 albums ! Then AL returned. Words should be followed by actions, Mike - just do it again, the real Beach Boys are the 5 "survivors" together, and why not Blondie Chaplin, he was a Beach Boy in the 70s !?

6. Colin Powell10 May 2017, 5:53pm Report

Yh David Marks WAS an original Beach Boy, he was a friend and neighbour of the Wilsons and as someone has posted came in when Al Jardine left for a while. Murry Wilson fired him for some reason and nothing much was heard from him then he started doing bits with the band from late 80's...I saw him in a Baywatch programme with The Beach Boys playing guitar. Was great to see him play on the 50th anniversary tour! As for Mike and Broan getting together...well not impossible I think but maybe not likely either! Still some bad blood there methinks!

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