Housemates' taste test

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  • 15 June 2008

Kathreya wearing her pink pyjamas

'Big Brother' contestants were ordered to lick crisps this afternoon (15.06.08, 1.10pm).

The hungry housemates - who have to survive on a measly food budget of just £1 per head this week - have been set the task of sorting out 6,250g of the potato snacks into four flavours.

But Big Brother has stated that none of the crisps are to be eaten during the task, which will take place in the garden.

The housemates have been given overalls to perform the task in, which part-time model Jennifer labelled "disgusting".

She said: "They just make us look awful."

Cookie monster Kathreya - who has previously suggested the house make a silent protest against the lack of food - announced the task would be easy for her because she is "good at licking".

Songwriter Darnell worried about the amount of crisps they will have to deal with.

Housemates will be given salt 'n' vinegar, cheese and onion, Worcester sauce and ready salted crisps to taste.

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