Sylvia's furniture family

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  • 15 June 2008

Sylvia eating spaghetti

Sylvia has been lying to housemates about being a mother-of-two.

The cheeky churchgoer told fellow housemate Mohamed she has two children named Table and Chair.

She went on to tell a suspicious Luke her kids were called Suzanne and Henry -who were born a year and a day apart - and that their father was called James Foxx.

The English literature and psychology student brought troublemaker Alexandra in on the fib last night (14.06.08).

Sylvia said: "Oh, I'm such a liar."

Luke - who previously tried to deceive housemates into thinking Mario and Steph were a couple to hide the muscleman's real relationship with Lisa - told Sylvia he didn't believe she was a mother and persistently tried to trip her up.

He asked: "How does your mum feel about being a grandma?"

Sylvia said her mum feels fine about it but added that Luke "shouldn't try it."

She said: "Let's stop talking about it now."

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