Cinderella - King's Theatre, Edinburgh (4 stars)


King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, until Sun 21 Jan

The Pitch Poor old Cinders (Carolyn Gibb), she’s a decent sort of lass, but much put upon by her sisters Trinny and Susannah (Jo Freer, Julie Coombe), who suffer from a chronic inability to confront their own mauketness. Along comes a Prince who talks nothing but balls (John James Aitken), but she’ll never get her hands on the sceptre without help from a suspiciously virile fairy godmother (Allan Stewart). Can her dunderheid dad (Andy Gray) or wee mate Buttons (Ross Marshall) help to overcome the schemes of the Mandelsonesque Prince Rupert (Grant Stott)? Well, what do you think?

The Verdict Some hoary old chestnuts are hauled up for this panto, which marks The King’s centenary, but they seem well worthwhile for their comic effect. Sprinkled in with contemporary parodies of such phenomena as The Weakest Link, the M&S advertisement and the Sugarbabes, we get such old treats as Stewart and Gray’s Torville and Dean routine. These two mug away as ever to splendid effect, while Grant Stott’s villain shows an elegant sense of play. It’s all pretty much as you’d expect, if you’ve seen it in previous years, and thoroughly enjoyable for that.

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