Mikey's needle panic

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 June 2008

Mikey and Mario in the kitchen

Mikey was outraged when a needle was found on the bedroom floor.

The blind housemate was furious when Lisa discovered Sylvia - who previously slammed Mikey for wearing one of her thongs while dressed as a bunny girl - had left the hazardous sewing tool on the luxury bedroom carpet after mending a skirt.

He immediately told molly coddler Mario - who has been prolific in pointing out the health and safety risks in the 'Big Brother' house - of the churchgoer's absentmindedness.

He said: "A needle on the floor, Mario, because Sylvia was doing her skirt over there. I'm going to say to her."

Mum-of-one Jennifer told Mikey it would have been left there by accident, but it would be worth raising the issue. She offered to approach Sylvia on his behalf.

Mikey said: "I would rather you did because I would just end up loosing the rag."

Mario previously made a fuss when he almost stepped on an earring.

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1. BennyOh16 Jun 2008, 1:47pm Report

What I find most striking about this year's Big Brother candidates is how really un-clever they all seem to be. I mean really intellectually thick.

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