10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

credit: Beth Chalmers

From craft beer to tank driving, The List has your Dad's presents covered

Father's Day. A chance to show your appreciation for the generosity he's shown to you, the life lessons he's given you, by buying that Sopranos boxset that he might like, but that you definitely will end up taking custody of. Know the feeling?

No more will this suffice. It's time to show that Father of yours some gratitude. It's time to step up and give back. Here at The List we've come up with a few ideas, so when Sun 18 Jun comes around, you're prepared to make his day.

Craft beer box

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

Is your Dad swept up in the craft beer revolution? Does he turn his nose up when you offer him a glass of mass produced quasi-beer, enthusiastically endorsed by a 1980s action hero dressed head to toe in denim? Your dad is the man, and a selection of craft beers could be just what he wants this Father's Day. Flavourly's Craft beer box includes 10 beverages, drawing from some of the most successful independent breweries in the world. There's Scottish beer heroes like Six Degrees North and Williams Bros, European innovators such as Brouwerij Lees and La Sagra, and many more including Beavertown, Brooklyn and alcohol philanthropists Brewgooder.

Even better, if you visit Flavourly and use the code LISTGIFT at the checkout, you'll get 5% off your order.

A fancy haircut

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

No longer another item on a long, dull checklist, getting your haircut can be quite enjoyable these days. Open your Dad's eyes to a whole new world of head pampering and get him a voucher for a haircut, where he'll be styled and treated with magical lotions and products. Or get a sweet buzzcut, depending on how adventurous he is. Edinburgh-based Ruffians do a series of gift vouchers, whilst in Glasgow Soul Barber Rooms remains a popular spot in Finnieston. New arrival Badlands Barber, which also has a shop in Perth, is one to watch too - serving up delicious hot and cold drinks courtesy of Black Pine Coffee Co.

Grooming and shaving kit

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

For so many it's a daily chore, a necessary evil and a reluctant expense. Shaving your face each morning, staring at a half man, half zombie in the mirror is not always a barrel of laughs. But why? This Father's Day, pick up some high-quality shaving gear for your old man. British start-up Cornerstone say they want to make the ritual one of pleasure, and their combination of high quality skincare products (let me tell you – they smell incredible) and German-engineered razor blades have seen their business grow from strength to strength.

If this sounds like it might be up his street, Cornerstone do a full box, including an engraved razor handle, sets of 6 razor blades, sensitive shave gel, pre-shave scrub and post-shave balm for £30 - but if you buy through The List you can have it for just £14. What are you waiting for?

A case of fine wine

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

Is he a frequent dinner party host? Or does he just quite like a small glass of Rioja at the end of the day? If it's wine he's after, Naked Wines should be your number one destination. Their cases are full of wines carefully selected from some of the most talented winemakers from around the world, and you can choose from regions as well as from a vast selection of reds and whites.

We like Naked Wines so much at The List that you can get £60 off any order up of £99.99 more. That's a lot of wine for a little cash. Check it out.

Whisky tasting

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

Sticking on the booze theme, but moving towards stronger stuff – Scotland's gift to the world, Malt Whisky. You could get him a bottle, sure, but you'd be better served buying your old man an experience. Step forward The National Whisky Festival, which took over Glasgow's SWG3 earlier this year for what was an incredibly merry and joyous celebration of the water of life.

This July the event takes place again at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange. Over 40 exhibitors are lined up to present the best of the national drink – and drams from around the world – at their tasting stands, with delicious scran from local restaurants available to fill you up and live music to get the feet tappin'. If he's really into his whisky, there's also a series of masterclasses on offer. There's still some tickets available for both sessions – but don't be a slowcoach.

Cooking classes

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

Whether a committed chef with an eye on a TV appearance or the type of guy who only occasionally takes charge of the culinary side of things, if your dad is a keen foodie then a cooking workshop could be exactly what he wants. The Cook School do classes on 'Asian Street Food', 'Spanish Tapas' and everything between (including desserts) and they often welcome celebrity visitors along – such as Masterchef's Gary MacLean.

At the Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow's East End, the Tennent's Training Academy runs one-off masterclasses alongside lengthier courses. Meanwhile, to the east, The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School has over 15 courses to choose from, with classes suitable for every skill level, and has been making a difference to aspiring chefs since 2009.

Take him out for dinner

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

Or maybe it's time he had a rest from the cooking and dishes and you took him out.
In Glasgow, The Drugstore Social and The Kelbourne Saint have both proved popular newcomers to the city's food scene. The former's organic and sustainable dishes are served up in an old-fashioned pharmacy on the Old Dumbarton Road, the latter specialises in rotisserie chickens, washed down with exclusively brewed WEST beer and adventurous cocktails. Even better, quote The List when you make your booking at either, and you'll get 20% off your meal.

In Edinburgh - why not take him along to Dishoom, the contemporary Indian dining institution that's taken Auld Reekie by storm (winning The List's Reader Award for 2017 in the process). Don't rule out Breakfast either, a menu includes signature dish 'Bacon Naan Roll'. How better to say 'I love you, Dad'? Unless he's a vegetarian. In which case there's plenty else to choose from.

Buy him some records

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

The vinyl revival owes as much to ownership, sentimentality and nostalgia as it does to sound quality and the listening experience. The 12" product with all the additional artwork can be a thing of beauty and transport you back to a time and place. If your Dad's a collector then why not fill some of the gaps in his collection? Doesn't own his favourite record? Pick it up. Think he'd like a new release? Give it a try. Or maybe even do both, bring the past and present together for Father's Day. There are no shortage of venues to visit across Glasgow and Edinburgh; with Monorail, Rub A Dub and newcomer LP Records doing great work in the former and VoxBox, Underground Solu'shn and Coda all popular spots in the capital.

Take to the skies

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

If he's a real thrill seeker then why not put him in a plane? From Perth Airport you can send him on an Aerobatic Stunt Flight, which is as bonkers as it sounds. Under the supervision of an experienced instructor, the plane takes flight and – like a rollercoaster – embarks on a course of barrel-rolls, corkscrews and loops. Your white-knuckle Dad then gets to take the controls for a while, which we're sure he'd love. If that sounds like too much, then Fly Perth offer more conventional trips on airplanes, gyrocopters and balloons too.

Drive a big, powerful tank

10 awesome gifts for Father's Day 2017

He'll never look at a boring old car in the same way again. This Father's Day, give your Dad the gift of driving an armoured personnel carrier, a big ol' tank. No, really. Tank Driving Scotland have a range of tank-related experiences, including the romantic sounding Special Tank Drive For Two. More destructive is the Car Crush Experience, which involves squashing a tiny, pathetic car with an 18-tonne tank. What else is there to say?

Father's Day this year is Sun 18 Jun – don't forget it!

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