Kasabian's best record yet

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  • 5 May 2017


Kasabian's new album is their "best record, bar none" as vocalist Tom Meighan feels like the band are being "reborn"

Kasabian's new album is their "best record, bar none".

The 'Club Foot' hitmakers are gearing up to release their new LP 'For Crying Out Loud' and vocalist Tom Meighan says it feels like being "reborn".

He said: "I said to Serge, 'Why couldn't we have made this record years ago?' Everyone is in such a good space. It feels like being reborn. I say it on every album but I think this is our best record, bar none. I think Serge is with me on that too. I just said to him, 'Let's write a f***ing rock'n'roll album with big songs.'"

The album is also "emotional and autobiographical", something which they haven't really done before.

Asked if the new album is a "big 'f**k you, we're still here, let's have it' to the world", Tom shared: "Basically mate, you've just taken the words out of my mouth - that's what it is. It's very emotional and autobiographical too. We normally don't let people into our world. We normally don't let people into that side of us. We normally sing about raptors that are going to eat you, or 'John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD', or 'Ooosh, tell me I want you'. We don't talk about our feelings, but this one is all about us. It's a window into our personal lives. The album is so human, whereas '48:13' is a f***ing cyborg record."

Tom suffered a personal heartbreak in the last year, when he split from his long-term partner, and bandmate Sergio Pizzorno was glad his pal had an outlet after such a tough time.

Sergio told NME magazine: "I don't know how it would have been to be in the studio and make a really low, painful record. It would have been hard. I didn't think, 'Oh, what can I do to help', it was just an escape for Tom to go, 'This is my band and these tunes are exciting.'"

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