Performers pick their favourite Kate Bush moments

Performers pick their favourite Kate Bush moments

Emma Pollock, Roddy Hart, Kathryn Joseph and more explain the reasons behind their love for Kate Bush

When Emma Pollock was invited last year by Aberdeen's True North festival to curate a gig celebrating a female artist there was no contest: it had to be the enigmatic and brilliant Kate Bush. Pollock's love affair with her peerless music began in her mid-teens when she spent her Christmas money on a copy of the singles compilation The Whole Story – still an excellent primer for Bush novices, but far from the whole story.

'Every time she releases a record you never quite know what you're going to get, which is the true mark of an artist,' says Pollock. 'I've always recognised that she just seemed to make a noise that no other person made. There is nothing like her out there.'

The show was ecstatically received in Aberdeen – 'an unforgettable, intense, very emotional performance – Kathryn Joseph couldn't contain herself most of the time!' says Pollock - so Running up that Hill: A Celebration of Kate Bush will now be reprised in Glasgow with the same lineup, including Karine Polwart, Field Music, Kathryn Williams and Roddy Hart. 'I prefer to call it a celebration because I always think the word 'tribute' means someone's died,' says Pollock. 'God forbid that ever be the case, I hope she's the first woman that defies death!'

We asked the performers to pick their favourite Kate Bush song or album from her immortal catalogue.

Emma Pollock: Mother Stands for Comfort

'That's not a meat-and-potatoes bassline, that's a work of art. And I adore Aerial because it's an experience. You don't necessarily cherrypick from an album like that because it's written to be enjoyed as a single piece of art.'

Kathryn Williams: And Dream of Sheep

'I love the uniqueness and singular quality of her work. It takes me out of myself and I find it very emotional. To me it rings of the journeys of migrants and refugees.'

Roddy Hart: The Hounds of Love

'Songs like 'Cloudbusting', 'Running up that Hill', 'And Dream of Sheep' are expertly written, produced and realised by an artist confident in her own abilities as a master of the game.'

Rachel Sermanni: The Sensual World

'I knew about Kate Bush's music before but, in learning her songs, I feel far more aware of her genius and sensitivity.'

Kathryn Joseph: Never Be Mine

'I love the feel and sound and the way she makes everything better. She is the queen of making everything better.'

Peter Brewis, Field Music: The Hounds of Love

'For me it has an almost perfect balance of the experimental and commercial. It's mysterious yet accessible. It's joyous and dark, sometimes at the same time! There is nothing quite like it.'

Karine Polwart: Breathing

'It's such an audacious approach to inhabit the perspective of an unborn child in an apocalyptic landscape. As a 1980s kid growing up in view of the BP refinery at Grangemouth, I was genuinely terrified of nuclear annihilation. And the song totally captures that.'

James Graham, Twilight Sad: Don't Give Up

'Kathryn Joseph picked it so I would have to hit a note that I couldn't possibly reach – but touché Kathryn, as I managed to do it in Aberdeen. Hopefully I can hit that high note in Glasgow.'

Running up that Hill, O2 ABC, Glasgow, Sat 20 May.

Running up that Hill

Tribute to the kooky pop of Kate Bush.