Chris Martin's Pegg track

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  • 15 June 2008

Chris Martin's Pegg track

Simon Pegg has written a song with Chris Martin.

The 'Hot Fuzz' actor and the Coldplay frontman penned the track, titled 'A+E' together, to poke fun at 'Talk' from Coldplay's album 'X+Y'.

Pegg jokingly said: "The song we wrote is called 'A+E'. It was written in chords of A and E, and its all about injuries, 'If you've got a broken finger or a broken toe, if you've got a crushed thorax, there's only one place to go.' I reckon it's better than most of the stuff on their albums."

In the UK 'A+E' stands for Accident and Emergency the name given to the walk-in ward at hospitals.

Comedian Pegg is no stranger to working with Coldplay.

He sung backing vocals on the track '1.36', a B-side to 'The Scientist' released in November 2002. He also once played harmonica live with the band at the V Festival in England.

Pegg is good friends with Martin, 31, and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, 35. He is also godfather to their three-year-old daughter Apple.

The comedian-turned-actor has also defended Martin's public image, insisting he is mistakenly seen as a dour character.

Pegg said: "The image built up of Chris is that he is he's a misery guts - but he's actually a ball of energy and hilariously funny. He always phones me up pretending to be someone else - often someone Scottish!"


The anthemic indie quartet continue to steamroller all before them.

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