Dennis' eviction hopes

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 June 2008

Dennis' whole house eviction

Dennis wants the whole house to be up for eviction next week.

The camp dance student teacher thinks every housemate should face the public vote as he believes that is the fairest way of deciding who goes.

He said: "You know what I hope? I hope the whole House goes up for eviction next week so it's fair."

"Four people went up and it wasn't fair because they didn't get a fair dig at the first week."

However, not all the housemates were in agreement.

Lisa - who faced eviction this week along with boyfriend Mario, student Luke and Steph, who eventually got voted out - thinks they should be exempt from nominations..

She said: "Oh no. I think the ones that were in it last week should get a week off."

To which Dennis replied: "Aye, take them off it."

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