Mario's sick task

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  • 14 June 2008

Mario's anger at wedding task

Mario has admitted pretending to be Stephine's lover made him "physically sick".

The muscle-man, 43, hated being paired up with the 19-year-old blonde beauty - who was evicted last night (13.06.08) - and blasted 'Big Brother' for giving them the task.

He told Dennis, Luke and real girlfriend Lisa how producers had given him the challenge because they had "privileged information" on him although refused to say what it was.

He also felt sympathy for Steph, adding: "I feel sorry for her. It can't have been nice for her."

Meanwhile, the bodybuilder believes he and Lisa escaped eviction because he has fan clubs all over the world.

He told Mikey "I know so many people throughout the country, throughout the world. We’re talking fan clubs and everything."

Dennis and Alexandra also backed up his claims, saying they heard people in the crowd chanting in support of the pair.

Alexandra said: "When it was all silent, they screamed out: 'Go Mario and Lisa.'"

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