Linda Robson in talks for more Birds of a Feather

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  • 1 May 2017
Pauline Quirke, Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson

Birds of a Feather cast

Linda Robson has confirmed that talks are in place for more episodes of the classic comedy show 'Birds of a Feather' following the successful Christmas special last year

Linda Robson says they are in talks for more episodes of 'Birds of a Feather'.

The 59-year-old actress has starred alongside Lesley Joseph and Pauline Quirke in the comedy series from the very beginning and although the show ended in 1998 it was rebooted back in 2014 and now fans are eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Linda said: "I'm not allowed to say anything. I have a warning from above not to say anything. We are in talks about futures episodes but nothing is set in stone right now but that's all I can say."

The last Christmas episode of the popular sitcom, which was shot in Malta, proved such a huge hit with viewers that bosses are in talks to do another installment, but they are in the process of "sorting out dates" so that Linda, Pauline and Lesley - who play Tracey Stubbs, Sharon Theodopolopodous and Doreen Green in the show respectively - can free up their diaries to shoot the scenes.

The actress has been a regular presenter on the ITV panel show 'Loose Women' for the last couple of years and admitted on the show in March this year she was left in masses of debt when the show ended.

She told the panel: "I ran up quite a lot of debts because 'Birds of a Feather' had finished and there wasn't a lot of work around and I'd been used to having a really good income.

"I was laying there in bed every night, worrying, because Mark [Dunford] had always said to me 'you're spending too much money, this is all gonna come to a stop one day, you're going to get yourself into trouble.

"Then all of a sudden I didn't have any money and had all these debts and I was laying there is bed night after night thinking 'oh my God I'm going to have to tell him now, he's going to say 'I told you so'."

Linda eventually told her husband and with his help she managed to pay off her debts.

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