Christian Bale's Heath anger

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  • 14 June 2008
Christian Bale

Christian Bale's Heath anger

Christian Bale has dismissed claims Heath Ledger's death was caused by playing The Joker as "ridiculous".

The actor - who stars opposite Heath in new Batman movie 'The Dark Knight' - is adamant Heath's death from an accidental drugs overdose in January had nothing to do with his role in the hotly anticipated movie.

He told Total Film magazine: "It's not for me to tell anybody or to pretend to have insights beyond what I absolutely know, but my instincts are that the idea Heath was disturbed by playing The Joker is ridiculous. Heath was somebody who, like myself, acted for that immersion in a character.

"It's not an unusual thing. And from working with him and knowing him, I don't think that was unusual for him at all."

Shortly after Heath's untimely passing, it was revealed the Australian actor had complained of suffering from severe insomnia while portraying the comic book villain.

It was alleged to be a reason why the 'Brokeback Mountain' - who was just 28 when he died - had started taking strong sleeping tablets.

Several different prescription drugs, including Valium and the highly addictive sleeping pill Zoplicone, were found next to his body.

Christian, who plays Bruce Wayne and his superhero alter-ego in 'The Dark Knight', has also promised film fans they will be blown away by Heath's performance in the movie.

He added: "Heath's performance is fantastic. As was working with him and knowing him, he was great f***ing company - a wonderful guy. I hope this movie will celebrate his work."

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