Lucy Watson launches charitable clothing line

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  • 28 April 2017
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson has dropped her own clothing line in support of animals and their rights

Lucy Watson has launched her own charitable clothing line.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star has really got stuck into animal rights this year after she turned vegan last year and has now decided to drop her own range of slogan t-shirts in order to raise money for animal organisations PETA UK and HSI Global.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I've always been a huge fan of slogan tees and loved the idea of creating my own. I think they're really easy to tie in to any outfit and have a great way of getting your personality across.

"Every charity involved is close to my heart in some way, I look forward to raising some much needed funds for each one so I can help support with all the great work they do."

The 26-year-old beauty has created four different styles of tees, which are available to purchase online, and combine her love of fashion with her passion to save animals.

The t-shirts can be bought from Lucy's personal store and and cost £24, with 10 per cent of all profits going to PETA UK and HSI Global.

This isn't the first time Lucy has released merchandise to help animals as she dropped her own cruelty-free lipstick range last year and is on a mission to turn it vegan.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been a vegetarian her whole life, but switched to the plant based practice, which involves eliminating all animals and their products from her diet, in January 2016 and she's now adamant that her future kids will follow in her footsteps.

She said previously: "They will [be raised as vegans]. I'm not going to have kids that eat meat or dairy. Like, I would just never do that because it's the most hypocritical thing ever. But I'm dating a meat eater so if he happens to be the one that I have children with then it will be difficult. But I've said to him actually that if we ever have kids, I want them to be vegan.

"I hope when I have children, it'll be a long way off because I'm only 25 and I'm quite traditional about things like that. I think I want to live my life before I have kids.

"I think it would be a lot more acceptable by the time I do it and there will be a lot more options around and there will be a lot more vegan kids around.

"The next generation is really who we're relying on to save this planet so I hope there will be a lot more vegans around."

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