Rylan Clark-Neal has a 'major phobia' of crumbs

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  • 28 April 2017
Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark-Neal is "genuinely" scared of crumbs and will "never" let anyone eat in his bed

Rylan Clark-Neal has a "major phobia" of crumbs.

The 28-year-old television presenter has admitted he is "genuinely" terrified of the remnants of food, and he has vowed "never" to let anyone eat in his bed because he fears he will wake up with the scraps collected in his sheets.

Speaking in a game of 'What's Inside Rylan?' on 'Loose Women' on Friday (28.04.17), the 'This Morning' showbiz reporter was asked to reveal his biggest secrets and find out the answers his husband Dan gave in response.

Kaye Adams said: "We asked Dan what is Rylan most scared of. A - the dark, B - Ruth Langsford or C - crumbs."

To which, the dark-haired funnyman said: "Well it's not scared of the dark. I'm not scared of Ruth, although if you get on her wrong side you should be.

"But I have a major phobia of crumbs, and it's genuinely medically phobic. People that eating bed will never get in my bed."

And Rylan has revealed when he first started dating his partner he reacted like a scared cat and jumped up in fear when his spouse left little morsels of grub behind.

He explained: "When I first got with Dan I can't remember what it was he had, and you know when you see the videos of people throwing like a fake spider at a cat and it jumps, that's me."

In a bid to avoid coming into close proximity with crumbs, Rylan will tuck into his food with his legs wide open so the minute pieces drop, it hits the floor rather than him.

He said: "You know if you eat toast of a morning I have to open my legs and eat it."

Rylan also revealed he once hit the roof and refused to go on holiday because his stepson Cameron ruined his spray tan.

The 'Babushka' star recalled: "We don't get to go on holiday that often because we are always working. And Cameron, my step-son, he's 17, I'd just had a spray tan and I was just in my bedroom, he came into my bedroom and he was obviously just mucking about but he got a bottle of moisturiser and when like that and splattered me with moisturiser. And you know the second moisturiser hits tan it's removed. I went mental 'I'm not going on holiday'. But I washed it off in the morning and it was just the right colour so I was quite lucky."

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