Nasty but entertaining

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  • 13 June 2008

Alexandra during a house argument

"Nasty" Alexandra is the most unpopular housemate, according to Steph.

The 19-year-old blonde told Luke and Rebecca her views on what the public think of the troublemaker.

She said: "She's nasty. But they might not be showing her as bad as she is because she's entertaining.

"How was Charley not up week after week last year? I loved Charley though because she entertained me."

Luke said if the whole house was up for eviction it would be "easier to pick".

The straight-laced politics student also said viewers may not see Alex as nasty because she justifies her arguments, but Steph disagreed.

She said: "In her head she's justified. She twists things."

Meanwhile, Alex - who was allegedly kicked out of school for bullying and drug abuse - told Sylvia and Dennis she doesn't want Steph to stay in the house.

The vicious housemate has previously slammed Steph behind her back and criticised her hygiene habits.

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