Greedy boy Mohamed

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  • 13 June 2008

Mohamed in the Diary Room

Mohamed is being greedy with the housemates' rations.

The cheeky toy demonstrator ate a generous lunch of toast, onion, mushrooms and spaghetti hoops this afternoon (13.06.08, 1.10pm), which other housemates felt was "excessive consumption".

He later had a heated argument with camp Scot Dennis over how much he had been eating.

The sweet-toothed Somalian also filled a glass half full with orange squash before diluting it with water.

Motor-mouth Rebecca witnessed the over-indulgent behaviour.

She told Luke and Steph: "You know we're meant to be rationing and stuff? Well, Mohamed just filled half his glass with juice. When I mentioned it, he said 'that's how I like it'."

Mild-mannered Luke said he had also spotted Mohamed being selfish with the house's slim rations.

He said: "Yesterday, he used 16 spoonfuls of sugar or more. He must have used nine today."

Rebecca suggested they should make up jugs of squash and hide it.

She added: "I only put a little bit in. It's so concentrated, putting half in would be way too strong for me."

The housemates were limited to a budget of just £112 - which works out as £1 a head per day - after failing the shopping task.

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